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IDW Comic Transformers Lost Light #17

TF-Comics Hier ist die große Vorschau zum IDW Comic Transformers Lost Light #17.

“LETTING GO! After years of tragedy and misadventure, Rodimus and Co. are finally happy—eager to see out their days on a peaceful world where contentment is inevitable and good things keep happening, whether they want them to or not. Is there a downside? No… Oh, alright then, yes. And it’s a big one!”

IDW-_Lost-_Light-17-_Full-_Preview-00 IDW-_Lost-_Light-17-_Full-_Preview-01 IDW-_Lost-_Light-17-_Full-_Preview-02 IDW-_Lost-_Light-17-_Full-_Preview-03 IDW-_Lost-_Light-17-_Full-_Preview-04 IDW-_Lost-_Light-17-_Full-_Preview-05

Quelle: IDW

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IDW Comic Transformers Lost Light #17

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